The next UCML Winter Plenary, entitled “Early Career Academics in Modern Languages: Support, Development and Career Progression” was held on 17 January 2020.

LOCATION: Reading Room, The British Academy, 10–11 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1 5AH.

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TIMING: 10 am – 4 pm

10.00-12.00Business Meeting
12.00-13.00Lunch (provided)

The morning consisted of the annual winter plenary Business meeting, open to members of all UCML member organisations (see membership).

At the Business meeting reports were given by members of the Steering Group and representatives of the three nations, followed by discussion. Papers may be found below. The afternoon Workshop, also open to representatives of all UCML Member Organisations, will be on Early Career Academics in Modern Languages: Support, Development and Career Progression


Early Career Academics in Modern Languages: Support, Development and Career Progression This workshop session will provide the opportunity to discuss the development and support available to early career academics in modern languages. Such colleagues are defined as modern linguist scholars ranging from late-stage postgraduate students to early career lecturers, researchers and teaching fellows who may be employed on insecure contracts. Member organisations of UCML are encouraged to support their early career academic colleagues to attend, by publicising this event and/or covering the costs of return travel for one early career colleague to accompany the department’s UCML representative. This workshop will explore good practice initiatives to support early career academics at university, community and sector levels. It will address the proposals of new Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers (2019) and will create a forum for early career academics in modern languages to discuss their experiences, proposing forms of support that could be taken forward by the broader languages community.

Workshop Schedule

13.00-13.30: UCML/Language Acts and World Making Survey of Language Provision in Higher Education 2019: Presentation Carlos Montoro and Elena Polisca

Early Career Academics in Modern Languages: Support, Development and Career Progression

13.30-13.40: Workshop welcome and introductions (Jo Drugan and Claire Gorrara)

13:40-14.10 Roundtable with Sharon Black (UEA), Daniel Finch-Race (Bristol), Charlotte Hammond (Cardiff), Simon Park (Oxford) as early career academics: Each participant is invited to speak for 5 minutes on their experiences, main challenges and what could be different for modern languages ECAs. Chaired by Jo Drugan

14.10-15.10 Presentations and Q&A with Sally Blake and Josie Grindulis (Cardiff University): on university support for early career academic development. Chaired by Claire Gorrara

15.10-15.30 Short presentation from Ann Carlisle (CIoL): on pathways for early career academics in the languages professions sector. Chaired by Jo Drugan

15.30-16.00 Group discussion: How can UCML support ECA colleagues in future? How can we make sure their voices continue to be heard inside UCML? Small group work and feedback facilitated by Jo Drugan and Claire Gorrara

Pre meeting documents

Post-Meeting Documents

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