The next UCML Summer Plenary, entitled “Languages in/and Action” took place on 10 July 2020.

The event was held via video conferencing. The AGM took place via Teams, while the workshops were held via Zoom.

Timing: 10 am – 4.15 pm.

10-11.30AGM (open to all)
11.30-12.50Virtual Break
12.50-13.05Check in/log on/open for e-workshop
13.05-13.45A. Early Career Academics
13.45-13.55Virtual Break
13.55-14.50B. Virtual Year Abroad 
14.50-15.00Virtual Break
15.00-15.30C. AMLUK
15.30-15.40Virtual Break
15.40-16.10D. Routes into Languages

The morning (10 – 11.30 am) consisted of the Annual General Meeting, open to members of all UCML member organisations (see membership).

The AGM included reports from members of the UCML Steering Group and representatives of the three nations, followed by discussion. Papers may be found below. The afternoon e-workshop, also open to representatives of all UCML Member Organisations, consisted of four sessions that profiled three new UCML Special Interest Groups devoted to: 

  • Early Career Academics;
  • The Virtual Year Abroad; 
  • AMLUK (Alliance of Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics Subject Associations UK)

It ended with an update on the integration of Routes into Languages into UCML as a sub-committee.

Afternoon Workshop

All three sessions followed a similar format, with a short presentation (max 10 minutes) from the individuals listed, followed by discussion. Powerpoint from the ECA, Year Abroad and Routes into Languages session can be found in the ‘Post-Meeting Documents’ section below.

Early Career Academics Special Interest Group, Daniel Finch-Race (Bristol) and Charlotte Hammond (Cardiff)

This session introduced the ECA Special Interest Group, its guiding members, structure and goals, including the mentoring scheme.

Year Abroad, Jonathan Long (Durham)

This session gave an overview of the work of the UCML Year Abroad SIG on developing virtual mobility and engaging with partners including UUKi and the British Council. It also introduced the pack of virtual resources developed by UCML.

AMLUK, Godela Weiss-Sussex (IMLR), Janice Carruthers (QUB), Charles Forsdick (Liverpool) 

This session provided a report from the AMLUK meeting held on 24 June 2020. It discussed and determined the focus and objectives of the association in its new configuration as a UCML Special Interest Group. Ideas for activities and events to highlight the collaborative working of the subject associations across Modern Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies were also discussed.

Routes into Languages, Vicky Wright (Southampton/UCML Vice-Chair Education)

This session updated colleagues on the integration of Routes into Languages into UCML as a sub-committee, providing an overview of the current Routes landscape and plans going forward.

Pre-Meeting Documents

UCML Plenary 10 July 2020 AGM item 2ab – Exec mins (3 April 2020)

UCML Plenary 10 July 2020 AGM item 2cd – Business Meeting mins (17 Jan 2020)

UCML Plenary 10 July 2020 AGM item 9a – N. Ireland

Post-Meeting Documents

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