The publication of the first volumes in the ‘Transnational Modern Languages’ series will be marked by an online event hosted by the IMLR on 28 July 2020, 15:00-17:00 BST.

Specifically targeted at a student audience, the series aims to demonstrate the value – practical and commercial, as well as academic and cultural – of modern language study when conceived as transnational cultural enquiry. The individual volumes in the series as well as its anchoring text, Transnational Modern Languages: A Handbook, address how work on the transnational and the transcultural broadens the confines of Modern Languages. The event will begin with a short presentation by the editors of the series, followed by an introduction to the Handbook by Jenny Burns and Derek Duncan (eds). 

Charles Burdett and Loredana Polezzi will then chair a discussion on the series as a whole, its individual volumes, and their potential role in the delivery of the Modern Languages curriculum in the UK and beyond. Participants include Chair of UCML, Claire Gorrara (Cardiff ), Ana de Medeiros (KCL), Kombola Ramadhani Mussa (Cardiff) and Rachel Scott (Royal Holloway), as well as volume editors.

The discussion will lead to an open Q&A session, where the audience will have the chance to respond to the Series and panellists. To find out more about the series, its aims and the content and approach of each volume, see the dedicated pages and blog posts on the LUP website.

This free event will be held online at 15:00 BST. Please note that it is essential that you register in advance to join the online event via zoom:

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