The British Academy-funded Modern Languages Outreach and Engagement (MLOE) Project, in collaboration with the School of Arts, English and Languages at Queen’s University Belfast, is pleased to present Languages Unlocked – a Microsoft Live event for Year 12 (Year 13 in NI) students of Languages.

This event will bring together four language areas (French, Irish, Portuguese and Spanish) with the aim of encouraging pupils to “rethink languages”. Challenging the idea that the benefits of language learning are limited solely to communication skills in the target language, these diverse sessions – covering topics from Parisian interiors, to Internet memes, to investigative linguistics – will highlight the vast array of doors that language learning can open, particularly in areas that are not often associated with school-level language study.

Languages Unlocked is the first in a series of six outreach and engagement events taking place across the month of February. For more information on the other events in the series, please visit the website or follow the project on Twitter.

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