At the start of the Covid19 pandemic, the Open University School of Languages and Applied Linguistics developed a free toolkit ‘Moving your language teaching online’ which can be found here

A year ago, thanks to the support of the University Council of Modern Languages and the Open University, many colleagues from universities across the UK, and beyond, met online to discuss the toolkit and their online teaching practice.

A year later, we are organising another joint workshop. It will be a reflective event, for colleagues to look back on more than a year of online or blended language teaching, and to share their experience, frustrations, wins and learning points. It will also be an opportunity to collectively envisage the future of online and blended language teaching in universities in the UK and beyond.

Finally, it will give participants a chance to share with us their feedback on the ‘Moving your language teaching online’ toolkit, and associated events, a year after its launch, to give their views about possible improvements, and to discuss more widely how they would like to be developed and supported in the future.

Colleagues who attended last year’s launch events and those who used the ‘Moving your language teaching online’ toolkit are particularly welcome, but the workshop is open to all colleagues who teach languages in higher education institutions.

At the event:

• We will reflect on more than a year of online language teaching

• You will have opportunities to discuss your experiences and hare good practice

Participants will get the access link to the event closer to the date. 

The event will take place on Friday 26 November, 14:00-15:30. Please register for the event here.

Participants are also asked to fill in the pre-event questionnaire, available here

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