ROLE PROFILE: Early Career Academic Representative on the Executive Committee  

Deadline for return of nominations: noon on Friday 31 March 2023 

The new Early Career Academic representative will take up the role on 1st May 2023.  

UCML is run by a Steering Group and a wider Executive Committee, as specified in the Constitution and Standing Orders for which any changes require approval at the AGM in the summer period. This role profile should be read in conjunction with the Constitution and Standing Orders (revised in July 2020) and available to download from:  

The Steering Group is made up of  

  • The Chair  
  • Vice Chair, Research  
  • Vice Chair, Language and Intercultural Education  
  • Vice Chair, Engagement and External Communication  
  • Hon. Secretary  
  • Hon. Treasurer 
  • Project Coordinator(s) 

The Executive Committee consists of representatives of numerous specialist interest/discipline specific constituencies. Elected representatives have responsibility for ensuring regular two-way communications between the Executive and all relevant institutional/associate members within their area of representation, particularly (but not exclusively) those listed in the Standing Orders.  

The Early Career Academic representative is responsible for:   

  • liaising between the Early Career Academic Special Interest Group and the UCML Executive Committee 
  • surveying ECA views and experiences  
  • posting information on the ECA area of the UCML website 
  • liaising with signed-up member institutions of UCML on matters relating to the ECA Code of Best Practice 

To fulfil this role, the elected representative should  

  • seek to make contact with Early Career Academics, ensuring they are aware of UCML, its mission and activities;  
  • actively canvass opinions on current academic environments for ECA colleagues and ideas about actions to improve working conditions in Universities; 
  • ensure active representation of ECA issues and perspectives within the UCML Executive Committee and input into current and future UCML projects; 
  • promote ECA-specific events organised by the ECA Special Interest Group, such as knowledge-transfer workshops. 

The ECA representative on the Executive Committee shall be elected for two years and may be elected for a further year, after which further nominations from within the ECA community will be sought. No UCML member may serve on the Steering Group/Executive Committee for more than a total of eight consecutive years. Terms of office will begin at the date specified in the advertisement.   

To apply for this role, please use the following Nomination form:  

Interested applicants are welcome to contact the current UCML ECA Rep, Liam Lewis, for further information or an informal discussion:  

This information is available to download as a Word Document: UCML Role Profile ECA Rep.docx

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