On behalf of the Institute of Languages, Cultures and Societies (SAS, University of London), we are pleased to share the following announcements:

Blog post on major current issues

The highly successful Durham conference (19-21 April) provided an excellent opportunity to reflect on the challenges facing Modern Languages and on the direction of travel of the subject area. In the interests of ensuring coordinated follow-up activity, we have prepared a blog post on some of the major issues that were discussed at Durham:


“Thinking Strategically” seminar series

ILCS, together with UCML, is also organising a new online seminar series entitled Thinking Strategically. The aim of the series is to consider issues that affect everyone working in the disciplinary field.

The first seminar, Acting on the Voices of the Research Community on 30 June, will look at the views on the nature of research that were gathered by the three AHRC Future of Languages Research fellows. More than 500 researchers participated in the exercise and their views are analysed in the article ‘Research in Languages, Cultures and Societies: Voices of Researchers in the UK‘, written by Katie Harrison and Nicola McLelland in Modern Languages Open (May 2023).

Thinking Strategically. Acting on the Voices of the Research Community

30 June, 2-4pm


Chairs: Charles Burdett (ILCS) and Liz Wren-Owens (UCML)
Nicola McLelland (Nottingham)
Liam Lewis (Liverpool)
Naomi Wells (ILCS)
Emanuelle Santos (Birmingham)
Becky Muradás-Taylor (Leeds)
Abir Hamdar (Durham)

The event will be followed in the autumn by a seminar on ‘Building Collaborations between Academics and Policymakers (18 October) and by the AMLUK conference on Impact and Future Research Directions (3 November): https://ilcs.sas.ac.uk/events/amluk-conference-impact-and-future-research-directions-subject-area

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