Are you an early career academic in Languages, Literatures and Cultures, or Linguistics? Would you benefit from mentoring from a senior colleague?

Applications to the year-long mentoring scheme in all disciplines covered by UCFL (formerly UCML) are closing soon.  

The increasingly precarious nature of career paths in Higher Education, particularly Modern Languages, means that many early-career academics find themselves adrift from mentors able to provide the guidance and feedback so essential for developing a professional profile and navigating the myriad experiences which characterize the initial years of an academic career. UCFL’s ECA Support Network (ECASN) seeks to alleviate these obstacles through academic mentoring.  

Mentees will self-identify as early career linguists – likely to be late-stage postgraduates, postdoctoral researchers, teaching fellows, and new lecturers – and particularly those without access to support from departmental support of affiliation. 

Early career academics should direct their request for support to the list moderator (Dr Kate Foster – ).

The network operates a limited number of year-long mentoring partnerships, as well as managing requests for one-off assistance on matters including: article submissions, conference and seminar proposals and presentations, CV design, plans for events, and book proposals. Applications close at 12 noon on 1 September 2023.

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