Report by the University Council For Languages Vice Chair in Language and Intercultural Education

There seem to be a number of mixed patterns in the numbers taking Languages at school across the UK (with different sources reporting slightly different figures) and some pleasing increases since last year in ‘other modern languages’, including Welsh as a second language, across the whole of the UK (see JCQ figures in the appendix). Data for this year is being compared across the board with pre-Covid figures from 2019 and with those from 2022 but it is likely to take a few more years before the impact of Covid on the teaching and take up of Languages disappears completely. The UCFL Vice Chair in languages & Intercultural Education has produced a report that looks first at this year’s exam results across the UK and then at this year’s UCAS applications figures. You can find the report under ‘VC Education Reports’ on our webpage dedicated to Languages Education.

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