Context & Mission

The AMLUK group (Alliance of Modern Languages, Area Studies and Linguistics Subject Associations UK) was formed with the goal of fostering discussion across three subject areas with porous boundaries: Modern Languages, Area Studies, and Linguistics. This Special Interest Group emerged out of those conversations with the intention of bringing together these disciplinary fields more formally to explore common ground, with a particular focus on research strategy, identity and delivery.

A primary function of this group is to keep channels of communication across the three disciplinary fields open, developing the capacity to participate in research strategy discussions across the UK and Ireland in a coherent way. The group is comprised of representatives of subject associations and learned societies across language communities and across the three relevant disciplinary fields. It is administered by the Institute of Modern Languages Research and chaired by the IMLR’s Director with support from UCFL.


  • An annual meeting that provides a forum for conversation between subject associations in the three relevant disciplinary fields.
  • An annual event/workshop that will address aspects of research training or development relevant to all three subject areas.


If you are interested in the group or its activities or if you have any queries, please contact the Director of the ILCS, Professor Charles Burdett (