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UCFL has supported Routes into Languages from the outset. Funded between 2006 and 2016 to promote language learning across England, the Routes into Languages network of universities have produced wide-ranging resources and ideas on sustainable and effective university-school engagement. This initiative continues to engage actively with schools and other organisations across the UK with UCFL providing a governance structure and organisational support for the network’s ongoing development.

UCFL has established the Routes into Languages Sub-Committee, which works to share best practice across the former network. The Sub-Committee is chaired by UCFL’s Vice Chair for Language & Intercultural Education, Professor Vicky Wright (Southampton), and it includes representatives from across the active Routes networks and from Routes Cymru, the National Networks for Translation & Interpreting, Learning through Languages UK, NICILT and SCILT.

Routes Networks

Routes operates regionally across England. Find out more about the regional networks below.

Routes Cymru

Routes Cymru is managed separately by a consortium of Welsh universities and the four Welsh education consortia, and is actively engaged in schools outreach and partnership with Welsh Government. Representatives from Routes Cymru also sit on the UCFL Routes into Languages Sub-Committee.

Routes Cymru has produced a guide for school governors in Wales detailing the modern languages landscape in Wales and detailing how they can support modern languages in their own school:


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General inquiries can be directed to the Routes into Languages UK Coordinator, Sky Herington: routes@ucflangs.com.

Contact details of the active networks can be found here.