The University Council For Languages (UCFL) is the overarching national organisation which represents the interests of Modern Languages, Linguistics and Cultural and Area Studies in Higher Education throughout the United Kingdom, and works with corresponding bodies in other countries. Within this context, the University Council of Modern Languages Scotland (UCMLS) will coordinate all additional actions and resources, which are relevant for Scotland.


The role of UCFLS is to:

  • lobby for the sector in Scotland
  • actively seek funding opportunities for language initiatives within the Scottish funding context
  • monitor and respond to developments in the Scottish school curriculum.

What does UCFLS do?


This site provides a wide range of publications and statistics on languages in Scotland. See the Scottish Languages Review, for example.

    • represents the views and opinions of scholars and professionals in modern languages to the Scottish Parliament, the funding councils and other bodies in Scotland;
    • collects and disseminates information about
    • the state of study, research and teaching of modern languages in Scotland;
    • provides a forum for debate on issues of concern to its members through meetings, working parties, discussions, conferences, seminars and publications;
    • presents the case for languages in the Scottish media.

How does UCFLS work?

Meetings are held 2-3 times a year when issues of interest to members are discussed: UCFLS is run by a committee to which representatives of all Scottish HEIs are invited. The committee is chaired by the Scotland Representative to the UCFL Executive Committee, Ed Welch.

All minutes, relevant links and reports on other activities carried out by UCFLS can be found on the Scottish CILT website.

by Raphael Chekroun, CC BY-ND 2.0