Before applying, please note the small grant funding criteria for success:

  1. That the project supports, develops and extends the Languages mission of UCFL
  2. That the project is fully accessible and available to members of UCFL and the broader academic community
  3. That the project advocates for an open and inclusive approach to Languages scholarship
  4. That recipients of bursaries and awards are committed to supporting the civic mission of the organisation and partnership working with other languages stakeholders

**Applications for forthcoming rounds should also indicate contingency plans for proposed events/projects in light of the current Covid-19 public health crisis**

For full details about the scheme and application process, please visit our small grants page.

In the recent past we have had some technical issues with the form below, which should now be resolved. For peace of mind, once you have submitted your application, please let the UCFL Project Coordinator know by email.

Application Form