Modern Language Provision – Academic Directors/Leaders Collaboration SIG 


This Special Interest Group emerged in response to the UCFL-AULC Survey of Language Provision in UK Universities in 2021 (Critchley, Illingworth & Wright) which reports collaboration between degree programmes and Institution-Wide Language Programmes (IWLPs) is currently limited and should be enhanced in the future. We established this joint SIG across UCFL and the Association of University Language Communities to foster collaboration between IWLPs and degree programmes, with the objective to address this gap and strengthen the status of language teaching in UK Higher Education. 

Membership & Remit 

The aim of this group is to act as a bridge between academic directors, managers and/or coordinators of language provision in IWLPs and in degree programmes. 

As such, the potential membership of this SIG will include: 

  • IWLP directors or managers – many of whom may be part of the AULC Management SIG 
  • HoDs – many of whom may be part of UCFL Heads of Languages SIG 
  • Language coordinators in academic departments and/or language centres, if they are different from the above. 

In any case, we aim to have representation of all units delivering language courses in as many universities as possible in the UK and Ireland. 

Our objective is to advance mutual understanding by fostering communication and collaboration between all units and programmes delivering language courses/modules. We would like to raise awareness of the value of both IWLPs and degree programmes across the sector, which is particularly relevant in times of the increasingly precarious situation of Modern Languages. 

Our focus will be on pedagogy (i.e.: assessment, accreditations, developments in methodologies…) sharing resources (material and human) and on establishing a national strategy for language learning and teaching, supporting opportunities for Widening Participation. 


1. Regular meetings with group members to build connections, start collaborations and reflect on our role within institutions and share best practice concerning/discuss all aspects of language provision, including pedagogical approaches, outreach work, community courses etc. 

2. Regular meetings with related SIGs to advance collaborations and highlight the value of both IWLPs and degree programmes. 

3. Virtual discussions making use of JISCmail. 


Convenors of the SIG: 

Marina RabadánAcademic Director of Open Languages (IWLP)
University of Liverpool
Christine SchallmoserGerman Language Director (Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
King’s College London
Vicky WrightUniversity Council For Languages (UCFL) linkLanguage Teaching and Vice Chair, Language & Intercultural Education